BizFund: Helping SMEs Quickly Tap into Post-COVID19 Opportunities

Among the challenges small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face today is their ability to raise capital as quickly as possible. The application process is often hampered by various challenges that either disrupt the businesses’ operations or prevent them from tapping into growth opportunities.

Why BizFund? 

BizFund by Funding Societies provides SME owners with hassle-free and collateral-free digital financing of up to RM300,000. The financing solution provides business owners with a tenure of up to 18 months. This gives them a quick boost to their capital, allowing them to fuel their business operations and time sensitive-expansion.

Upon approval, the financing is disbursed into the SME’s account within only 7 working days*. Applicants also get to enjoy stamp duty exemption. 

Who should apply for BizFund

To be eligible for BizFund, SMEs need to meet the following requirements:

  • Business registered in Malaysia; 
  • Have at least 30% Malaysian shareholding;
  • Business in operation for at least 12 months; and
  • Record an annual revenue from RM1,000,000.

What borrowers have said about Funding Societies

I. Faster, seamless, straightforward application processI

Wilstech Sdn Bhd provides a host of Information Technology (IT) solutions to various Malaysian organizations and individuals in Malaysia at a reasonable cost since 2018. These IT solutions include infrastructure, software and hardware. During the pandemic as businesses and organizations digitized, demand for their solutions grew. They first sought the assistance of traditional financial institutions. Unfortunately, these institutions struggled to understand the business model as well as the nature of the IT solutions industry. Their search for financing led them to Funding Societies’ digital financing platform.

II. Fulfill business needs

Another home-grown SME which saw growth during the COVID-19 pandemic was Promo Partners Sdn Bhd. The three-year-old company helps food, health & beauty, and fuel retailers develop both online and offline campaigns as well as omnichannel gamification to help them drive higher social media engagement. Retailers sought ways to better connect with their customers in the face of the movement control orders and cautious consumers weary to leave their homes as the pandemic raged. So, these retailers turned to Promo Partners Sdn Bhd with several high-value projects.

Seize Opportunities through BizFund

Opportunities present itself in a limited time. Your ability to prepare or futureproof your business to may depend on your ability to improve capacity in a timely manner. While you take focus on seizing those opportunities, allow Funding Societies to take care of your business financing needs.

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*Subjected to terms and conditions.