A Short Guide to SME Digital Financing in Asia

A Short Guide to P2P Financing in Asia

As technology keeps improving, so do many industries – including the finance industry. There are now financial companies that heavily utilize digital technology for their business models and operations. People have a term for these companies: FinTech (financial technology). One of the most popular business models born of FinTech is …


A Short Guide to FinTech in Malaysia

A Short Guide to FinTech in Malaysia

Prior to mid-2015, FinTech was hardly talked about in Malaysia. Sure, a select few discussed the subject, but there was little interest in financial technology. That is changing; FinTech has become the hot topic among Malaysian businessmen, especially as the sector paves the way forward for innovations in financial services. …


The Myths and Misconceptions about FinTech

Ever since FinTech shook up the financial world, misconceptions about the sector have entered public thinking. We can’t deny that FinTech is indeed disruptive and revolutionary, but is it honestly going to destroy traditional financial institutions? We don’t think so, thus we invite you to take a look at these …


The SME Funding Gap in Malaysia

The SME Funding Gap in Malaysia

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) throughout ASEAN still have the same problem: limited financing access. This classic issue also haunts Malaysian SMEs. Although SMEs significantly impact national economic development, many financial institutions still find it risky to facilitate loans for potential SMEs. The situation causes SME development to stunt. How …