Why Invest in SME Digital Financing?

Why Invest in P2P Financing?

Many people are new to SME digital financing as an investment option. Questions arise. Is it trustworthy? Does it fit my needs as an investor? Who else have invested in it? All valid concerns. Nearly no one wants to jump in blind when it comes to investing hard-earned money. Not …

The Best Advice We’ve Heard about Debt Investment and Digital Financing

best advice about crowdfunding and P2P financing

Don’t invest in a person or a company on the basis of its name and fame The rise of debt/equity investment financing and its offshoots have attracted big names. Celebrity artists like Neil Gaiman and Whoopi Goldberg have utilized this approach. Businesses more familiar to our ears have tapped into …


How to Differentiate Money Games from Credible Investment Platforms

How to Differentiate Money Games from Credible Investment Platforms

Money game operators are having a big moment in the local media these days, though most of us would rather they disappear. Notable schemes such as MBI Group and JJ Poor to Rich (JJPTR) dominated recent news. The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives, and Consumerism recently froze RM 177 million …

Investing in Debt Financing: Myths vs. Facts

Investing in P2P Financing: Myths vs. Facts

Thanks to FinTech, fulfilling financial needs is now easier than ever before. One of the hottest industries within FinTech is digital financing, a business model where you can finance individuals or businesses through online services that match investors directly with the issuers (the party that requires financing, in this context). …