Cash is King, Cash Flow is Emperor

Cash is king, cash flow is emperor

Businesses, especially SMEs, have grown highly competitive in the past 10 years. Local competition is not new, but international and online competition have kept small businesses on their toes. And along with the general cost of living, cost of doing business has gone up as well. In such a scenario, …

When Should You Apply for Business Financing?

When Should You Apply for Business Financing?

Building and nurturing a successful business requires a good amount of working capital. The funds can come from private assets, investments, or financing from banks or peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platforms. But when is the right time to apply for business financing? There are 3 situations that would call for more …


5 Steps for Better Cash Flow Management

5 Steps for Better Cash Flow Management

While most business owners know this, many have no idea on how to manage their cash flows. Consider these five steps for better cash flow management.


How Healthy Is Your Small Business? 4 Metrics to Watch

How to manage your investment portfolio like a pro

Managing a business is difficult. Failure to accurately determine your financial condition could severely hurt your business and its survival. To cope, you need to check whether your business is healthy or not. Some people aren’t able to determine how good or healthy their business is. Don’t be one of …