Aidilfitri Promotions and Discounts to Attract Customers to Your SME

Aidilfitri Promotions and Discounts to Attract Customers to Your SME


Aidilfitri is a religious holiday celebrated by people of the Islamic faith worldwide, including in Malaysia. This holiday is a highly-awaited event for many Malaysians, as 63,5% of the population identify as Muslims. 

Aside from enthusiastic customers, Aidilfitri is also a crucial moment for SMEs because 65% of Malaysian Muslims spend their time shopping for Ramadan. So, special promotions are the key to profitability, but how can you create an offer enticing enough for your buyers?

Understanding the Significance of Promotions and Discounts during Aidilfitri

Not only is Aidilfitri a month of self-reflection and spiritual growth, but it is also the perfect moment to forge and strengthen relationships with families and communities. Therefore, it’s unsurprising to see people celebrating Aidilfitri by shopping and dining with their loved ones.

This habit also translates to an increase in spending during the festivities for 27% of Malaysian Muslims, as demonstrated by Statista. As an SME owner, the celebration is a ripe source of extra income, so you must plan accordingly to create promotions catering to Ramadan celebrations.

Types of Aidilfitri Promotions and Discounts to Attract Customers

To start creating your first special promotions and discounts for the festivity, you can take these examples as inspiration.

  • Product bundles

If you want to encourage customers to buy more than one object at once, consider bundling them for a limited time. For instance, you can sell an Aidilfitri bundle containing several types of sweets, eating utensils, and household items wrapped in unique packaging.

  • Special discounts

To welcome the holy month of Ramadan and pass the time while waiting for Iftar, consumers do not just do window shopping. Sometimes, they scour the internet for exclusive Aidilfitri promotions, so you can try offering an “X% off” discount for selected items.

  • Gift with purchase

BOGOs offer a win-win solution for buyers and sellers. Customers get to purchase more things with the same amount of money, and sellers can get rid of slow-moving stock simultaneously. So, there’s no harm in giving a free item for a certain amount of minimum purchase.

  • Limited-time offers

Customers are likelier to purchase if they feel the product they want at a specific price is only available temporarily. That’s why you can take advantage of this momentum by offering a limited-time flash sale for several hours or selling a limited edition item during the festivities.

  • Loyalty reward programs

Retaining existing customers is crucial for any business, so some brands offer a rewards-based loyalty program. This system allows customers to redeem any item they want after amassing a specified amount of points from past purchases.

Best Practices for Implementing Aidilfitri Promotions and Discounts

Increase the success rate of your enticing time-limited promotions by implementing these strategies.

  • Timely promotion launches

If you want to seize the holiday momentum to earn more sales and attract new customers, there’s no better time than the big day. In other words, for a successful Aidilfitri promotion, you must publish it on the D-date since your consumers are still in the festivity mood.

  • Creative promotional content

Once you’ve determined what kind of discounts and promotions to offer, it’s time to start getting creative with marketing content. To do so, understand what makes your brand unique and what your buyers need. Then, don’t be afraid to combine them with the latest events and a bit of humour.

  • In-store and online promotions

The first place to promote your limited-time Aidilfitri offers is your official store. Upload a digital banner highlighting the discount or any practical benefits on your store homepage. Don’t forget to complete your brick-and-mortar store decor with brochures and banners detailing the products on sale.

  • Promoting to existing customers

While attracting new buyers is the key to increasing brand awareness during Ramadan, your loyal customers are just as essential. Let them know they can also get their favourite products at a lower price by sending notifications about the offer.

  • Social media promotions

If your online and offline promotion strategies are solid, it’s time to turn to your official social media accounts. With this marketing strategy, you can easily reach young users who actively use the platform to connect with the world. This way, they won’t miss out on your limited-time discounts.


With the significance of the Aidilfitri celebration in Malaysia, consumers won’t miss the chance to fulfil their needs for the holiday at a lower price. Meanwhile, this is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get more people acquainted with their brand. 

If you wish to seize this moment for your SME, maximise your success by identifying your best-selling items, thoroughly calculating the maximum discount you can offer, and creating creative promotional content that suits your brand image. May your business continue to thrive during Aidilfitri!