Are you ready to invest and win?

Investment strategies differ individually based on our financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. Before making an investment decision, you should begin to learn to invest by exploring more about the various products available in the market and identifying the best investment portfolio for you. If you are looking for a lower risk investment, a guaranteed investments portfolio is one of the investment options you can opt for. 

Keen to know more about guaranteed investments? Here is a quick start guide for beginners of guaranteed investments. 

What is guaranteed investments and how does it work?

Guaranteed investments is a type of investment product offered by financial institutions that allow clients to invest in equity, bond, or index funds with the assurance that a minimum value of a guaranteed rate of interest will be earned at the fund’s maturity. It is a product in which money is invested in exchange for interest and the financial institution guarantees the principal and return.

Why choose guaranteed investments?

Smart investing is even more crucial for investors to maintain a stable portfolio with the heated concerns about recession, inflation, and geopolitical conflict that affect people’s financial stability. This is where guaranteed investments come into play as one of the safer investments with the lowest risk because people are looking for a secure investment to diversify their portfolio during this uncertain time. When investing in guaranteed investments, you will only need to invest for a term and receive a guaranteed interest rate aligned with that investment term with no market exposure.

Invest in Guaranteed Investment Notes with Funding Societies: Let’s Race and Win!

As the technology revolution takes place, people are becoming more familiar and attracted to digital platforms like Funding Societies. Funding Societies is Southeast Asia’s largest digital financing platform for SMEs and is committed to offering a range of investment products on the platform, allowing investors to easily diversify their portfolio and earn returns through its various products, including its Guaranteed Investment Notes (GIN). 

You can start your investment  with a minimum amount of RM100 in our Guaranteed Investment Notes (GIN) and get to enjoy the benefits of guaranteed principal and interest returns between 6-8%* per annum. As part of our mission is to provide investors with more opportunities for portfolio diversification and lower-risk investment products, we are running our Race & Win! Year-End Campaign 2022 to encourage more people to invest! 

This year-end campaign features an exclusive promotion for investors to win prizes worth more than RM10,000 in total. With the Race & Win! Year-End Campaign, you can get the most out of your investments by racing to invest in MBBG Guaranteed notes to win big prizes including iPhone 14, Ipad, 1 gram gold bar, and many more! 

How to participate?

  1. Register your interest to participate by responding to our opt-in message.
  2. Login to your Funding Societies account.
  3. Start investing in any available MBBG notes according to the minimum investment per round to collect entries. 
  4. Invest a minimum of RM1,000 in MBBG to be eligible for a 10% Service Fee rebate for MBBG investment in each round. 
  5. Be active in each round to be eligible to win the lucky draw. 
  6. The more you invest in total, the more entries count to win the Grand Prize!

For more information on the Race & Win! Year End Campaign 2022, please visit

*Terms and Conditions apply, learn more information at