Small business in Malaysia: 5 in demand, low-cost business ideas

small business ideas Malaysia

Even in the middle of the crisis of a pandemic, launching a business in Malaysia is one of the wisest decisions you can make. In recent years, the country has seen rapid growth and has positioned itself as one of the greatest places to establish a business, due to the convenient location, lower costs, and production of raw material on hand. If you’re looking for ideas on which business is best for beginners in Malaysia, here are the top 5 small business ideas that are low-cost and in-demand:

  1.     E-commerce or online business

The online purchase and sale of products and services which involves the online exchange of money and data to complete the transaction, is referred to as e-commerce. It’s also referred to as electronic commerce or online commerce. Several models such as business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), direct to consumer (D2C), consumer to consumer (C2c), and consumer to business (C2B) take place on various online platforms – from a business’ online sales page on their website, online retail giants like Amazon and, to a consumer’s individual Etsy shop. This is one of the easy money business ideas, as long as you have the technological knowledge, logistics, and supplies.

  1.     Coffee shop

One of the most popular small businesses to make money is coffee shops. Opening a coffee shop may be a lucrative business if done right. Customers enjoying coffee, espresso, lattes, teas, and a variety of pastries and other delicacies will almost surely fill any popular specialty coffee business. Since coffee shops are frequently utilized as gathering locations, Wi-Fi and other work-friendly services have become increasingly widespread as free perks. Serving high-quality coffee and cuisine in a contemporary, comfortable atmosphere may be a lucrative business, if the location, traffic, and service provided are just right.

  1.     Food and snacks corner

Feeding the masses will never be a business that goes wrong. Everyone needs to eat, and everyone wants to eat good food. However, eating out at restaurants could prove to be draining on the pockets of those who do so. A better alternative would be setting up a food and snacks corner, which is a low-cost business idea – those who set up food and snack corners do not have to worry too much about seating, décor, and so on, which significantly drives down operating costs.

  1.     Internet business

While this may seem similar to e-commerce, internet businesses are more focused on providing services and solutions as opposed to selling tangible products. But why is it important to bring services and solutions online? Having an internet presence increases confidence in you because clients are more confident when they can readily contact a service provider they want to engage with. Your online presence also helps you build solid, long-term relationships with your customers. As long as you are filling a gap of need and are able to market and optimize searches to reach you online, this is just another easy money business idea.

  1.     Professional services

Professional services are service-industry jobs that require extensive expertise in the arts or sciences. Those who provide these services often need specialized degrees, licenses, or training to practice. Besides providing a service they are highly trained for, these providers can also become consultants in their fields to guide other small businesses – which incidentally is another small business idea in itself.

Starting an online or small business to make money in Malaysia might be an excellent method to generate a passive income. It may as well be the change that you’re looking for in your life! With the richness of skilled labour and resources in Malaysia, combined with lower costs and strategic location, you could establish a profitable business here. Learn more about businesses and all that it entails in our blog.

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