Funding Societies and RHB Banking Group Strategic Collaboration

Funding Societies and RHB Banking Group Collaboration

Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2017 – Funding Societies is very proud to announce a strategic collaboration with the RHB Banking Group. This is the first collaboration between a Malaysian bank and a debt investment and digital financing platform. The partnership aims to widen access to financing for the underserved SMEs in Malaysia.

Ninety-seven percent of business enterprises in Malaysia are small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). Malaysian SMEs are responsible for nearly 36% of national GDP and 65% of national employment. By 2020, local SMEs are expected to contribute 41% to Malaysian GDP.

But many SMEs still face one key issue: lack of financing. Funding Societies provides working capital financing for underserved but creditworthy SMEs to help their growth and development, aided by a stress-free application process and fast disbursal of funds.

Read more on the media coverage of the RHB-FS Malaysia collaboration here and here.

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    1. Hello Thomas,

      To clarify, RHB Banking Group, with clients’ consent, can advise or refer their SME clients to Funding Societies if they don’t quite enter bankable status yet are financially healthy, with good and running cash flow. Funding Societies can provide these SMEs with financing suited for their business cycles.

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