Funding Societies Malaysia’s 3rd Investor Seminar

Funding Societies Malaysia's Third Investor Seminar

On 22 April 2017, approximately 70 participants took part in Funding Societies Malaysia’s 3rd Investor Seminar. This time, we brought together investors and local SMEs. At the seminar, Funding Societies Malaysia’s CEO, Wong Kah Meng, had the opportunity to address questions from both investors and SMEs on the type of financing products we provide, eligibility to invest and apply for financing, along with customer rights.

As a platform that serves two sides, Funding Societies Malaysia believes in a win-win relationship for both SMEs and investors. The peer-to-peer financing model offers accessible financing for SMEs, along with a more convenient application process and faster disbursal. Investors, on the other hand, will have an investment option with higher returns, higher than deposits, bonds, and other traditional instruments, along with affordable investment entry, and a user-friendly process.

Funding Societies Malaysia's Third Investor Seminar

This seminar saw Funding Societies Malaysia collaborating with Malaysia SME business newspaper; their team extended invitations to local SMEs.

Funding Societies would like to thank Malaysia SME business newspaper, our investors, and SME owners and figures who attended the event.

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