After launching a few months ago, multiple tests and improvements, along with some lively investor questions and discussions, we are officially announcing our community forum CrowdFund Talks.

What is CrowdFund Talks?

CrowdFund Talks is a public platform. Everyone is welcome to get involved, discuss, and share their experiences on alternative investments. We focus on the crowdfunding and digital financing industry – especially considering the massive growth of the sector in Malaysia over the past year.

What can you expect on CrowdFund Talks?

  • Threads on anything related to digital financing, crowdfunding, Funding Societies, and other companies operating in the sector.
  • Share your thoughts on the world of investing. You’ve invested in bonds, stocks, deposits, property, or a new instrument like crowdfunding and bitcoins? Tell others your honest opinions. You can focus on Malaysia or go beyond. We won’t limit you!
  • Hear others share their investment strategies and ideas to get portfolio management tips.
  • Ask and you shall receive. Confused about basic investing, let alone digital financing? Make a thread in our forum and a kind soul from our list of registered users may help.
  • Be a source of quality information for your peers. We love you guys, and we rate quality knowledge highly. Seriously, we give top reputation marks for generous givers of learning.
  • We provide educative articles too! Example topics: “Managing Personal Finances for Millennials”, “8 Principles of Investing for Beginners and Beyond”, and “Comparing Investment Products and Their Returns over Risk”.
  • Because investors have a sense of humour too (really!), check out our thread on bitcoin jokes.

The forum is owned and operated by Funding Societies. We will operate on a light-touch model and allow users to discuss freely, only moderating if we see harmful or offensive content (or violating other Content Guidelines).

In the spirit of community and two-way communication, feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions, thoughts, and feedback through our website’s Live Chat feature or our email Your input will help us create the best possible site for all your crowdfunding conversations and discussions.

So welcome to our community. Welcome to CrowdFund Talks. Check us out here!