Dealer Financing – it’s a term few people can relate to, investors or business owners alike. What is in fact dealer financing? Similar to micro-financing or term financing, dealer financing is a line of credit offered exclusively to Used Car Dealers that allows them to purchase an inventory of cars to resell to customers. 

If you are a retail business owner, you should understand that you need a significant amount of capital to purchase supplies, and inventory for your business. To a used car dealership, the cars themselves are the bread and butter of their trade. In the past couple of years, second-hand car dealerships have seen a significant increase in the number of people who want to both sell their cars and people who would prefer to purchase used cars. However, the dealerships often lack funds to purchase the cars from these potential customers. 

The issues faced by used car dealers are that capital is low, stock is limited and therefore they are unable to grow their business. This is why here at Funding Societies we are trying to offer a solution, Dealer Financing. 

This tailor-made financing solution is specially designed for used car dealerships to finance their floor stock from our partnered online marketplaces and the open market. With Dealer Financing, you can free up your cash flow to buy more vehicles, thus growing/expanding your business.  

There are several ways for car dealerships to acquire funds to finance their business, but if you haven’t already heard of dealership financing, we’d like to tell you more about this product that could help your dealership. 

Dealer Financing for Used Car dealers

Funding Societies Dealer Financing offers you facilities up to RM500,000, with financing up to 85% of the vehicle purchase or market value for a financing period of 90 days. The interest rate starts at 1% per month and disbursement happens within 48 hours of approval. This financing solution is 100% online and you only need a phone or laptop to complete your application. Terms and conditions apply, of course, all applications will be filtered through a fast but rigorous credit screening process, but if you’d like to learn more, click the button below!

No more queue, no more bank appointments, you can apply for Dealer Financing in 3 easy steps. With our significant online presence, you will gain access to a tailor-made dashboard for your dealership, on our Silkroad platform. This dashboard is where you can draw down your funds, monitor your spending and make repayments for your financing all in one place. 

There are no hidden fees with Funding Societies, what you see is what you get. Our goal is to make SME financing an easy process for all businesses in Malaysia, and if you are a used car dealer looking to finance your floor stock or to ease your biz cash flow, then you’re in luck. 

Bank loans are the usual solution for any business in need of financing, there could be more capital and lower interest rates, however, you might be tied down for a year or more with high premiums. Dealer Financing is custom made to be a short term solution for used car dealers who need quicker turnovers. 

So if you would like to explore this as an alternative, click on the button below to learn more about Dealer Financing! 

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