As Malaysians in a democracy, we have a constitutional right and obligation to vote in any General Election. Since Undi 18 came into effect in December 2021, all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above are automatically registered as voters, making us all eligible to vote. 

GE15 is happening soon, and we’re here to talk about your polling day checklist. Whether you’re a first-time voter or just need a little refresher, here’s everything you need to know before heading to the polling stations. 

Before Polling

First things first, be sure to check your polling station location before heading out on Saturday morning. 


Log on to the MySemak SPR website, and enter your NRIC number to retrieve your registered polling station data. You can also enter your NRIC number into the MySemak SPR mobile app. Remember to take a screenshot of your SPR Profile or have your App handy and ready to go on election day. You will need it at the verification counter. 

The Essentials Kit 


You will need to have your NRIC ready to go when you head to the polling station, to verify your identity. 

Considering our unpredictable weather and potential crowds on polling day, this is a list of things you might want to consider packing with you. 

  • Water ( You will want to stay hydrated in the heat ) 
  • An Umbrella ( Will it rain? Maybe. Will there be sun? Definitely) 
  • Snacks ( Especially if you are on medication or have low blood sugar ) 
  • Maybe a book for entertainment
  • Sunscreen, protect your skin people.  

Why bring snacks and drinks? At the polling stations, you are not allowed to accept any kind of refreshments offered by a political party or political party candidate under Section 8 of the Election Offences Act 1954. So it would be safer to have your own supply of food and drinks for the long queues. 

The Dress Code

There are no specifics on the dress code for voting day, but everyone is encouraged to dress appropriately. Decent clothing that does not depict any party’s logo, or any logo, to be safe, so leave the band t-shirts at home. It is also recommended that you avoid any sleeveless attire. 

Covered shoes and pants or long skirts that cover your legs are all acceptable. Officers have the right to deny you entry if you are wearing any of the following: 

  • Shorts 
  • Short Skirts
  • Slippers or Sandals
  • Singlets or tank tops

So it’s best to avoid anything too revealing, and if you’re worried, have a second pair of clothes ready to go.

Gals and guys, if you are a fan of jewellery, avoid anything too ostentatious and remember that you will be getting ink on your fingers, so be aware of potential staining. Following that, you will need to dip your finger in indelible ink before voting inside the station, so also avoid having nail polish on, especially on your left index finger. 

Polling Day Etiquette 

We might be in an endemic situation, but there has been a recent surge of COVID-19. For safety reasons, wear a mask and keep your hands sanitised.

Voting is a private event, so while you may have your phone with you, you are not allowed to take pictures in or near the voting booths. The influencer in you will need to take a break until after you have left the polling stations. 

Your Ballot

Each ballot paper will have a serial number and a certified stamp. Double and triple-check your ballot paper to make sure it isn’t torn, stained, misprinted or marked in any way. If there are issues with your ballot paper, look for an EC officer. 

Let’s carry out our responsibility as good citizens by voting at the 15th Malaysian General Election. Remember, every vote matters as it could change our country’s future. Happy voting!