Introducing Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes (GN-i) by Funding Societies

Introducing Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes (GN-i) by Funding Societies

Funding Societies, an SME Digital Financing platform, is changing how individuals and businesses invest with a new product, Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes. This innovative product allows a unique opportunity to earn attractive returns with principal amounts and returns guaranteed while adhering to the principles of Shariah-compliant investing.

Islamic Investment Notes are designed to cater to the needs of investors who seek financial growth while adhering to the principles of halal Islamic finance. They are structured in compliance with Shariah law, which prohibits interest-based transactions and promotes ethical investments. Funding Societies ensure that the investment activities are aligned with the guidelines set by Masyref, their partnered Shariah advisory body.

One of the standout features of Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes is the assurance of capital preservation. Investors are guaranteed the principal amount invested and returns, offering peace of mind in an uncertain economic landscape. Additionally, by using the Funding Societies app, you have the option of automating your investments, using our auto-invest bot that investors can set up according to their investment preferences, which is also capable of reducing the risk of overexposure in a single SME. It is always the smarter option to not put all your eggs in one basket.

Another benefit of these investment notes is the potential for attractive returns. Funding Societies carefully curates a range of investment opportunities, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking financing. By investing in these notes, individuals can support the growth of local businesses and potentially earn higher returns compared to other investment options.

Funding Societies’ track record in the digital lending industry further strengthens the appeal of Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes. With years of experience and a robust risk management framework, they have gained the trust of thousands of investors who value transparency and reliability. With the recent launch of Funding Societies Islamic and a suite of Islamic business financing solutions, under Shariah advisory Masyref, investors can trust the positioning of this product to be ethically sound. 

In conclusion, Funding Societies’ Guaranteed Islamic Investment Notes offer a compelling investment opportunity for individuals looking to grow their wealth while adhering to Islamic principles. With the assurance of capital preservation, attractive returns, and a trusted platform, this product presents a promising avenue for Shariah-compliant investing.

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