How to File Income Tax with MyTax (YA2022)

How to file your Income Tax with MyTax (YA 2022)

First Time Filing Taxes? Here’s a Step-by-Step on how to make your Income Tax Claims for the Year 2022 using the new MyTax from LHDN


So, how do you file your income tax? Unless otherwise announced by LHDN, taxpayers can begin submitting their income tax return forms through the e-Filing system on 1st of March of each year. Because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, this method of e-filing is gaining popularity among taxpayers.


Unlike traditional income tax filing, which requires you to print out the income tax form and manually fill it out, the e-Filing income tax form automatically calculates your income tax. As a result, questions like “how to calculate my income tax” will not prevent you from receiving your tax returns.


Filing your taxes electronically also gives you more time to file, as opposed to the traditional method, where the deadline is usually on April 30.


So here’s a guide on how to use the platform to file your taxes. 

1. Apply to file your taxes online for 2022 (yes, some people still go old school)


If you have never electronically filed your taxes before, go to and click on the e-Daftar button. Following that, you need to fill out an online form and upload some verification documents. You must print the form and bring it to your nearest LHDN branch, where you will receive a one-time login PIN.


2. Log in to MyTax


Once you have your new PIN, head over to the NEW MyTax website and log in using the First Time Login option. You will then be asked to create a new password for your new online account (make sure it’s a secure one).


If this is not your first time, your existing login details will work fine and you’ll be led to a dashboard recording your previous income tax filing and refunds.

3. Get started with e-filing


Select the 2022 e-filing form on the bottom right section of the page. After the new page has loaded, you can get started. This option may differ depending on your version of MyTax, but it’s unlikely. 


4. Time to update your details. 


You are now ready to begin filing your income taxes! The first step is to go over your personal information. You can change some of them if necessary, particularly if you recently updated your passport or are married (or divorced). They should appear automatically, but it’s always safer to double-check. 

5. Add more 


The second step is to go over some additional information about yourself. At this point, you must also declare whether or not you sold any taxable assets that are subject to the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) Act. Declare any properties you have sold and windfalls (if any).


Additionally, this is a good time to update your contact and bank details if they have changed. 

6. Your Income Details


Are you employed or self-employed, a public or civil servant? This is where you will need to input the data on your earnings. Declare any donations or gifts that you may have received. Remember, you must ensure the organisation you donate to is approved by LHDN. If you’re unsure, check the status of the charitable organisation on the LHDN website.


Double-check if the total monthly tax deductions (MTD/PCB) displayed are correct. This information can be found in your EA Form, usually provided by your company sometime in Feb/March (psst… check your work inbox).

7. Tax relief (or tax breaks, if you watch American TV) 


This section is where you will declare your purchases from the last year that provide tax relief. The new MyTax e-filing form will provide you with additional information on each relief in the tooltips if you hover your cursor over the green ‘Info’ button. The maximum amount of relief you can claim under each category is also listed in an orange box for easy reference. 


Or if you want a slightly more detailed version, check out our updated article on all the things you can claim with this year’s income tax

Important reminder, for whatever you are claiming under this section, make sure to have the purchase receipts or invoices as proof of purchase, in case LHDN call you out on them. 


8. The summary page


Done with your incentives? Check that the numbers on your Summary Page add up. The system will automatically calculate your chargeable tax and your excess payment (if any) and the amount that will be refunded to you. 

9. Declare, Sign, Submit


Now that you have verified your information, reliefs, and refund, click the ‘Sign and submit’ button on the page. It will ask you to re-enter your NRIC and password for identification verification. 

You will then be led to an acknowledgement page that you can print out (or save) along with a copy of your submitted BE form. It will be handy to have them in your files so, I do recommend downloading them just in case. 


There you have it, you have completed your tax filing for the year of assessment 2022. See you next year!