Saving money, as the cost-of-living rises, it is not surprising that Malaysians find more ways to earn more Ringgit. Starting your money-saving journey might seem daunting. The good news is that anybody can pick up the habit with discipline and good preparation. Here are six simple money-saving tips you can try out:


  1. Create a budget plan and stick to it

Check your current personal finances. Examine which transactions you always make in a month and record them all in a spreadsheet (you can also use a personal finance app). This will help you track how your money is being used accurately.

From these financial records, you will know which expenses are essential and which can be cut. After that, make a budget and make yourself disciplined with the budget. Try to restrain yourself from making impulsive purchases of money.


  1. Find new and less expensive shopping habits

There are opportunities to save money when shopping for daily necessities. Spending your money on buying in bulk will allow you to save for a more extended period. Wholesale is the solution for those needs.

You can also change your shopping habits. Try a more sustainable approach for home equipment, such as buying secondhand equipment. Numerous platforms today sell high-quality secondhand items, such as Carousell Malaysia or The prices of products on these platforms are typically lower than those of new goods, and the quality is not significantly different.


  1. Keep track of recurring app subscriptions

Do you use streaming services like Netflix or Spotify? This kind of subscription fluctuates, especially when new feature updates are released. Choose the cheapest package to save even more money when using these services. Another option is to invite family or friends to subscribe, so the fees are divisible.


  1. Take advantage of online coupons and deals to save on food

Although cooking at home is less expensive, it often requires significant time and effort. The majority of Malaysians prefer food delivery service because it saves time. To save even more, you can look for online coupons and discounts that sellers provide and they may also offer deals through their social media accounts.


  1. Before buying something online, consider it for 24 hours

Think twice before purchasing anything, especially when you shop online. You frequently make online purchases because you want to, not because you have to. When you are tempted to buy an item, wait for the next 24 hours to consider whether you truly “need” it or if it is merely because “I want it”. This method will help you save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases.


  1. Start investing – if you haven’t already

Start investing. The best investments are not large-scale, but small-scale investments that are regularly made even when the economy is deteriorating.

Regular investing will help you in developing financial discipline. Moreover, the investment platform is very friendly to users. There is also a wide range of investment options, from traditional ones like gold and stocks to the current trendy ones like cryptocurrencies.

Your investment will undoubtedly pay off gradually, easing your finances in the future.

Saving money can help you prepare for a financial backup should any unexpected bumps along the road. From budgeting to investing, do it regularly and make these things a habit, so you get used to saving money.