In HYPERLINKS, what should you pay attention to?

Nowadays, it is common to find hyperlinks or links in emails or messages. These hyperlinks are present in 2 forms as mentioned below:

  1. Standard Length URL: The URL starts with www, followed by the website name, and ends with something like .com, for e.g.,
  2. Shortened URL, for e.g.,

Hyperlinks and Links: What to look for?

  1. To get a preview of the full URL, type the shortened URL in your web browser’s address bar together with the characters mentioned below before browsing to the new URL:
    1. Between the “http://” and the “example”, type preview:
    2. At the end of the URL, type +:
  2. Use a link checker or URL checker, such as:
    1. Google Transparency Report
    2. VirusTotal URL Checker
  3. View the full hyperlink address by hovering over, i.e. placing the cursor over, the link before clicking it: