The investment field is massive, and the choices available are infinite. The best and most successful investors would tell you that when it comes to investment, learning is continuous, as it is admittedly a dynamic industry, and learning continuously is key to developing their money-making skills in the financial market. While you can’t feasibly learn how to start your investment journey in one day, here are a few smart investing tips for beginners to start you off.

1)  Read and research

Being a dynamic industry, the field of investment is constantly evolving. Invest in some reading materials that keep you up to date with the latest investment strategies. For beginners, there are many choices of reading materials, such as newspapers focusing on investment, and investment magazines that provide great insights and tips to start investing.

2)  Think long term

Imagine that you have a child. Now consider all the time, money, and energy you have to spend to raise the child from a helpless little infant to a productive member of society. The child definitely takes time to grow and mature. Think of your investment in similar terms. You cannot expect to make bank on your first try; your investments will take time to mature and reap returns.  

3)  Make a mountain out of a molehill

When many rookies hear the word “investment”, they picture Jeffrey Bezos and the likes of him. However, it is possible to invest small amounts of money to start. There are many apps available which round up your purchases and invest them in various portfolios. You would not even notice that your purchases have been rounded up. This is a great investment strategy for beginners who are just venturing into the market. The small amount invested would not be a huge loss if the market takes a downturn, but the value of the learning experience is great for those who are aiming higher. And over time, these small amounts invested can grow to quite a significant sum.

4)  Diversify, differentiate, vary

Always, always, always diversify your portfolios. As the saying goes, do not put all your eggs into one basket. The market trend can sometimes be unpredictable due to the external circumstances influencing them, some beyond human control. Thus, when a market downturn hits a certain sector, those who invested only in this sector could face significant losses. Diversifying your investment portfolio can mitigate the losses, as there are different, unrelated sectors where your money is invested in. Exchange-Traded Funds are a good option for rookies.

5)  Assess risks

Always weigh the risks involved in the options you choose to invest in. Everyone’s investment risk profile is different, depending on age, income, expenditure, etc. For instance, those close to retiring should not consider investing in a high-risk fund and opt for safer ones that have moderate returns but higher stability.

6)  Compound

Compounding interests are a great way to grow your investments without being tempted to spend the returns. Reinvesting your earnings will compound the total of the interest. Leave this be for several years, and you will see your money generating more money for you.

Developing any ability, including investing skills, takes time and effort. There are a lot of things to learn and understand. The important thing is to identify the best investment opportunities that suit your needs. Follow the tips to start investing above and familiarise yourself with the industry. For more information on investment and financial matters, click here to get some great insights and tips. 


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