Many people are new to SME digital financing as an investment option. Questions arise. Is it trustworthy? Does it fit my needs as an investor? Who else have invested in it?

All valid concerns. Nearly no one wants to jump in blind when it comes to investing hard-earned money. Not billionaires, not angel investors – even they do extensive research prior to investing. People want to know whether SME digital financing works for their portfolio.

However, you’d be surprised by how flexible this form of alternative investment is.

Why is a relatively new investment opportunity like SME digital financing so appealing?

First of all, the financial market can strike one as tangled, complicated, and unpredictable. Where does one even begin? Where does one gain the knowledge to tame this beast? SME digital financing can feel like a breath of fresh air as it offers a much simpler concept. Basically, it is a form of alternative investment where investors collectively fund business financing and earn interest-based earnings in return. Think of it as profitable crowdfunding! Where crowdfunding projects usually support charities and artistic ventures, SME digital financing lets you collect attractive returns.

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Also, compare digital financing with stock investment. Navigating the stock market requires expertise and research. Credible digital financing platforms perform all the necessary due diligence and credit assessment to guide your investment choices, which saves time.

You still need to do some of your own research though, so you can decide for yourself which businesses you want to invest in. But overall, digital financing is more accessible as compared to other investments.

Other bonuses? The affordable entry. Here at Funding Societies Malaysia, you can invest in each small business with as little as RM 100. Digital financing is also profitable, with returns up to 16% per year.

It’s easy to see why investors are seeking alternative instruments like digital financing. Through it, you make passive income with ease and you earn higher returns from lower capital.

More and more, SME digital financing is gaining popularity. Respected media outlets such as Forbes have talked about its benefits, while closer to home, Malaysian regulator SC has approved six registered digital financing operators.

Digital financing infrastructure is thriving and all the indications point to one conclusion: Digital financing is here to stay!

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