#MakingHERStory with Tingting Fan

makingherstory with tingting fan

Kickstarting the new year, we are back with our #MakingHERStory series.! Here at Funding Societies, women empowerment is at the forefront of our company’s growth. We want to celebrate all the great people that make up our FSMK community, including deserving superwomen of the Company.. So in this first issue of #MakingHERStory for 2023, we spoke to Tingting Fan, our lead Data Analyst from Funding Societies Singapore. Learn more about how positive people management makes the world a better place.


Influence and inspiration

Tell us about a leadership lesson that you’ve learned that’s unique to being a female leader.

Every leader experiences imposter syndrome. But it was surprising to find out that according to a OnePoll study conducted on behalf of Access Commercial Finance in the United Kingdom, men are 18% less likely to experience imposter syndrome than women. Female leaders should be comfortable showcasing their accomplishments and fighting for what they deserve.

Cited from HR Magazine.co.uk


Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you

I first worked with a female leader when I first became a people manager. She showed me by example how women can also be affirmative, fearless, and opinionated toward driving the best result for the team/organization.



What energizes you about work? 

Knowing that I’m creating an impact deeply energises me. And now as a people manager, it truly makes my day when I make a positive influence in my team’s professional lives.


What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious and be seen as ambitious. It’s complimentary when men are seen as ambitious, which usually means they are respected and competent. And that’s it. But women often find themselves struggling between being seen as too ambitious but respected and seen as competent but disliked, or seen as too feminine and so liked a lot, but not respected. In order to get ahead, women have to be both liked and respected. This should not be a struggle for any gender. #breakthebias


Women empowerment

How has FSMK empowered you to #breakthebias and be the leader you are today? 

FSMK has an inclusive and impact/competency-based culture and I’m trusted with opportunities to make an impact, despite being a female leader with an introverted personality.


How should women support other women in their organizations?

Create a bias-free environment for each other. Small gestures matter. To constantly encourage morale and inclusion with small gestures, so that we can become a more innovative and productive team, e.g. invite comments/inputs from all, etc


FSMK Initiative

What has been the biggest takeaway for you from FSMK’s #makingHERstory – Women in Leadership program? 

It’s great to connect with fellow female professionals to understand the challenges and opportunities they face, especially since being hit with a pandemic. One of my key takeaways is how personal branding, representation, and visibility play an important part in leadership and can actually scale the influence of a leader.

Also, how to build an inclusive team and encourage morale can start with small gestures, e.g. inviting open comments/inputs from all members and many more, etc.


These are some of the many learnings that I will take with me in my personal and career development.