#MakingHERStory with Vi Cher Chua

Women in Leadership, MakingHERStory with Vi Cher Chua

Happy Mother’s Day! We’re coming to you with a special edition of our Women in Leadership series to chat with one of our amazing leaders, who happens to be a Boss Mom as well! Vi Cher Chua is the Associate Director of Legal and Corporate Secretarial (SG, MY, TH) and here’s what she had to say when we asked about what it means to be a Woman in Leadership here at Funding Societies.

Influence and inspiration

Tell us about a leadership lesson that you’ve learnt that’s unique to being a female leader?

I learned of those leadership qualities unique to women is our inclination to care, to nurture and to empower others. 

I care for my teammates on both professional and personal front, as I believe that their well-being in their personal life has a part to play in their professional performance. I reach out to them on a personal level to connect so that I know them personally. Sometimes, I notice that I connect and care for my teammates less so for the purpose of work, but because I truly care for them (provided that they are open to connecting as well or subject to their privacy boundaries). When I understand both their professional life goals and personal life goals better, it allows me to coach them effectively and help nurture their strengths impactfully. I also believe in empowering my subordinates, giving them the opportunity to shine in their own way.

Have you drawn professional inspiration from other women? Tell us about someone who has inspired you

I am inspired by Sheryl Sandberg. As a successful woman in her career, she does not forget to continue to give confidence to the next generation of women through movements, campaigns and books, that women are just as good, if not better at the workplace.


What energizes you about work? 

Personal growth and the ability to bring changes and more good to society.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

Be confident and do not give up. Remember that you are worth it.

Women empowerment

How has FSMK empowered you to #breakthebias and be the leader you are today? 

My views are respected and I am given a clear path to grow into leadership roles. I am proud to say that FSMK continues to support my career and that motherhood has not negatively impacted my opportunity of receiving a promotion, a pay raise nor a bonus.

How should women support other women in their organizations?

Stand hand-in-hand against gender bias activity, statements and decisions.

FSMK Initiative(s)

What has been the biggest takeaway for you from FSMK’s #makingHERstory – Women in Leadership program?  

That FSMK cares for women and that women are worthy of the organisation. Through the Women in Leadership program, I have learned to put a name to a condition known as the impostor syndrome which has long affected women’s careers.

You are also part of the #BossMom initiative – a community by FSMK Moms to support fellow Moms. How has motherhood influenced your leadership style? 

I recently became a mom. Before motherhood, I was known to be one who is decisive and rarely gave the benefit of the doubt. Motherhood taught me that I may have missed parts of a full picture should I remain with my previous fixed mindset and quick-to-judge mentality. I believe that I am now a better and more emphatic decision maker. 

I believe that motherhood gives all women different enlightenments and I find it beautiful and unique to a woman.

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