Do you ever feel like your money has just disappeared with the wind? Rather than lose it, you might blindly spend it. Maybe your spending is not that much, but if the transaction is often, then what is the difference?

The most significant pain point for Malaysians’ middle-income is finance tracking. Overspending seems to be a Malaysian habit, and we get it; there’s a particular lifestyle you want to have. So we’re here to help with a range of money management apps available on both iOS and Google Play Store to help make your lives a little easier. It’s only one tap away, and you are all set!

  1. Money Coach

Apple users will be grateful for this app. With more than 1 million users in 4.7 out of 5 ratings, Money Coach will track your everyday spending. It gains you total control over all your accounts, including your cash. You can also manually add bank accounts and credit cards.

The Quick Entry feature allows you to create a shortcut to add a transaction in 2 seconds. You can also have Siri do the input with only one tap. If you think you can only have the app on your iPhone, MoneyCoach can also automatically sync your data on iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac seamlessly, which means you can input your financial logs whenever and wherever you are.

One unique feature on MoneyCoach is Smart Goals. The feature allows you to set up a specific goal within the deadline, so the app will check how much money you need to save every day. You can set two types of smart goals: custom and tailored goals. Custom goals allow you to create your own goals, while tailored goals will ask you some questions about short and long-term goals, including your debts, and make an automated counting based on it.

  1. Wally 

Another budget app worth trying is Wally. It’s available for iOS and will sync all your accounts and payments for more than 15,000 banks with 60 different currencies in 70 countries. Wally is free, but it also offers in-app purchases to expand its range of features. The paid features include a custom budget and multiple currencies.

In its basic guise, Wally offers you options of managing an account (whether it’s joint or individual), budget sharing, automatic syncing, and also reminders, list, note-taking, and comment tools. You can also subscribe for more tools, including advanced budgeting, currency conversion, handling foreign accounts, and working with unlimited teams.

  1. Spendee

Spendee is available on both Play Store and App Store. This expense tracker app automates the tracking based on the information you have to input at the beginning. You need to connect all your accounts, including your bank account, e-wallet, and even the crypto wallet.

You can also manually add your cash. The app will process all the information into a simple and easy-to-understand graphic. Simple budgeting is also available, along with reminders when you are over budgeting.

  1. Expensify

Besides just using it only for daily personal purposes, you can also use Expensify for your business. Users can link their accounts, both bank and personal or company credit cards. Your employees can submit their receipts to you on the app. They only need to scan their receipt, and the app will automatically read and translate it into a logged expense. Expensify can also offer mileage and GPS tracking along with automatic credit card importing.

  1. Fortune City

This best money management app is slightly different with many funsies compared to the other apps. Fortune City creates gamification into your financial logging with actual data you have inputted into. With its quick accounting, you can track your expenses with a simple action. This budget app can also automatically sync to your accounts. Your financial input will be stored as an achievement. Every achievement you get on the game will gain you some in-game coins, which you can use to grow your city.

Try one of the money management apps we listed above and consider which one gives the best features for your finance tracking. These best money management apps will help you track your expenses, and you will never lose your money anymore. The key is consistency. Make sure your expenses and income are well-included on the budget app. Good luck!

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