5 Strategies for Boosting Your Small Business’s Online Presence

5 Strategies for Boosting your Small Businesse's Online Presence

How to improve your online business presence?

Having a well-established online presence could mean the difference between gaining more sales or requests for your services or being left in the dark without brand awareness. By having a good online presence, you can gain traction to access the majority of people using the internet and social media to search for products and services. Social media is more often free to use, utilising the perks that the internet has to offer is among the most cost-effective ways to gain customers. 

  1. Create a well-thought-out website

A website does not only mean you meet the requirements for your business, but, you should see your website as an extension of your voice and brand personality. Your website represents your business while it also displays information that is relevant to potential customers. The key is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and navigate through your website as they would. 

The basics you should keep in mind is that your website needs to be uniform with your service, hence you could use the same colour coordination throughout your website as your brand logo for example. Do not plaster a call-to-action all over your website, strategically place them through content or articles if you wish to do so. Most importantly avoid using words like ‘read more’ and ‘click here’ for the CTA, instead use phrases like ‘learn more about (product name)’ which gives a clearer context as to what the reader is clicking into. 

  1. Use email marketing to your advantage

Email marketing is not old-fashioned keeping a good conversation going with your customers is highly effective. Aside from being a good way to track data, studies show that it costs five times the amount to gain new customers compared to retaining existing ones 1. Therefore putting time into building that relationship should be paramount to your business strategy.  

  1. Establish your presence on social media and adapt to new platforms

Social media has a unique engagement opportunity in comparison to other means of advertising. You can engage with customers in real-time while receiving feedback and suggestions relatively unfiltered. Being a cost-effective way of expanding your audience, social media also allows you to build an ecosystem with links going back to your website for further engagement. 

  1. Invest in online advertising

Online advertising mainly serves as a means to gain credibility, aside from that, you could target specific audiences with your advertising such as age, gender, behaviour and location. You can also use the data gained as a blueprint to finetune your business strategy. The insights could then be used to make data-driven decisions to optimise your future campaigns. 

  1. Utilise SEO on your website

Utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) for your website can increase its visibility, which can then lead to an increase in organic traffic. Aside from that, SEO optimisations on your website can help pages load faster hence making it easier to navigate or more accessible on a variety of devices. With a strong search engine ranking, users would also see your website as a trustworthy and credible source which can mean standing out from your competitors. 

A well-established online presence means building relationships through cyberspace. Although there is untapped potential your business can benefit from through social media or a well-designed website, adding a human element to your online business strategy can go a long way. Think about it this way, the tone of your social media and website should not only talk about your small business, but rather solving the problems or providing something your consumers would benefit from. 


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