A business is only as strong as the people in it. In the beginning, a company may rely on its founder. However, when looking to scale, they will need to consider building a team that will bring the business to the next level. Check out the following five steps to help your business in developing a winning team!

Step 1: Identify the Right Players through Well-Defined Roles

To create a balanced team, first, identify the players with clear well-defined roles. Roles refer to an individual’s position on a team, which vary depending on your business. Well-defined roles will encourage your team to work towards goals much more efficiently. A team also tends to work preeminently when each individual is responsible for contributing something specific.

This step will help your team members focus on accomplishing their tasks and following specific workflows. It will prevent them from wasting time because of confusion in identifying their role. You can do this by, for example, assigning some team members to conduct research, while others can do other tasks, like leading different projects.

Step 2: Find and Attract Them

There are many ways to find and attract people to your winning team, one of which is by recognizing the value of nontraditional backgrounds. So, instead of assuming that someone with an atypical career path causes significant risk to your business, be open-minded in the recruitment process. You never know when you might find highly qualified candidates who can add tremendous value to your company.

Step 3: Select and Qualify

Let’s say you are looking for a graphic designer and have received applications from multiple candidates. The first candidate graduated from the school of design with a great GPA, the second has no college degree but has worked at a design agency for the past five years, and the third is currently working as a social media specialist but attends online courses on graphic design after work and has built a portfolio with sample designs. 

Can you confidently choose the best candidate with only this information at hand? You probably can’t be sure unless you interview and assess them using job-related criteria. However, maybe it’s time for some openness since each person is unique. Not all employees will fit into the boxes that you have in mind. You should select and qualify people to be in your team based on whether they can do a particular job, regardless of why and how they got here.

Step 4: Put Them in the Right Spot

Make sure only to hire people that are the best fit for the role. Be objective in your hiring process, it’s literally about the best person for the job. So, it really does not matter whether one of the candidates is your friend or a family member. By only hiring the person that best fits your team, you can match the requirements and expectations that the job role presumes.

Step 5: Bring Out the Best in Your Team

Pulling out subtle talents, and capitalising on the team’s talent and strength will help build a group of people who share your views and goals as a team leader. Provide proper project guidelines to ensure high-quality output from your team. Nurture them into a system that both grows their skills and adds to their efficiency. 

The best way to inspire your team members is through leading by example. You can encourage them to be more receptive to their tasks by building their confidence. So, instead of looking for the faults in a team, acknowledge their effort. A team will show excellence in the work they produce if they feel appreciated. 


Attracting the right people is one thing. The more challenging bit is to train and retain them to work together towards the common goal. So make sure to follow the five steps mentioned above to build the winning team that will take your business to new heights!