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During this time of uncertainty, we all have to make tough decisions and find balance. Responsible communication becomes ever more important to fill in the lack of physical interaction. More parties come together to work together as one, rather than on their own capacity. This week, we reached out to Oliver and David Wong from Docs Asia Sdn Bhd, to have a candid catch up over the phone about their football training academy and current impact of Covid-19.


Q&A Interview

Why did you start this business?

We started this business to provide more children with access to orthodox football training opportunity.

How do you position Docs Asia Sdn Bhd differently?

Our students do not contest in social club games, but only competitive games. We want all our students to have a chance to perform and showcase their ability on a professional stage.

Your Story, With Us - Docs Asia Sdn Bhd

Is the Covid-19 outbreak affecting your business? 

Yes. Most definitely. We had to cancel all our football trainings, and of course, most mothers are happy with it. It is for the best of the children and the nation, in line with authority requirement. Football Association of Selangor (FAS) and Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have also done the same.


Is your business self financed? What’s your largest operating cost?

Yes, we are self-financed. Currently, we have 6 coaches on part time basis, and 1 head coach on contract employment. Major operating costs would be coaches remuneration and logistics. 
Your Story, With Us - Docs Asia Sdn Bhd

What do you do to reduce the impact of current situation moving forward? 

We partner with First City University College to use their field for training. We train their students in return, for a lower margin. We have also started partnering with PIBG of SMKBU3 to coach their students. More collaborations to reduce acquisition cost, operating cost and achieve mutual objectives.

Alternative logistic is also being considered. As part of our community service, we also train underprivileged children where we also fetch them back and forth their homes to training fields with our own transports. This arrangement incurs much of our time and cost. Currently, we serve Pangsapuri Enggang, Pangsapuri Sri Pahang, and some of the indigenous boys from Praise Emmanuel Children’s Home. 

Of course, it is passion that kept us going. Without it, it’s difficult to coach. Our coaches are willing to take the pinch too and ride this difficult times together. 

We also seek for sponsors. If you are keen, you may contact Oliver at 01123159533

Your Story, With Us - Docs Asia Sdn Bhd
Your Story, With Us - Docs Asia Sdn Bhd

How can financing help you in your business?

Advertise on social media to recruit more students and invest in world-class football training system, professional coaching team and related projects to vigorously develop youth football training programs.


How do you see your business in 3 years?

We hope that in the next three years, our football academy will have more than 500 students.

We also have the intention to venture into membership programs and Youtube channel, when we have the right resources. 


Your Story, With Us - Docs Asia Sdn Bhd

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Your Story, With Us

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