Heron Solutions

Heron Solutions - Your Story, With Us
Ben founded Heron Solutions part-time with his best friend. As the business grow bigger, Ben and his best friend decided to commit to the business full time. Ben mentioned that it was tough to start Heron Solutions without sufficient financing. Now, Heron Solutions is growing and implementing Digital Marketing as well. Best of luck, Ben!

Heron Solutions - Your Story, With Us

Q. How did you start this business, what’s the story?

A. After college, me and my best friend had this idea of supplying Electronic Appliances to consumers in Klang Valley since his dad own a few Electronic Shops in Melaka and I had good connections and networking. We had started Heron Solutions as a part time job since we both had a full time job. However, after a year since Heron started and after closing sales and small sales turn into big Projects, and jobs and projects started to pile up, we decided to pursue Heron full time. In the beginning I had close sales base on connections and networking. But almost a year later after I started we started using Digital Marketing such as FB, Google, Instagram and etc. Loyal customers started to call us again and etc.

Q. What is the biggest challenge in your business?

A. The biggest challenge in my business would be handling clients and maintaining a smooth schedule for myself and my Technical Team.

Heron Solutions - Your Story, With Us

Q. How does your day to day job look like? 

A. My day-to-day job is all about site-visits and meeting clients. After my meetings are done for the day, I would seat down and prepare quotations for my clients. However, I do believe that meeting with my team and communicating with them are vital to maintaining a smooth operation through out the week and month. In conclusion my day-to-day is basically, site-visits, replying emails, quotations and meeting my teams.

Q. How can financing help you in your business?

A. In our industry, we are unable to maintain the cash flow as well as we want it to be. Because we have certain clients that require 30 days payment term, or 20% deposit and balance after 1 month. The payment terms varies, so we need financing support to maintain orders, services and operation expenses.

Heron Solutions - Your Story, With Us

Q. During early stage, how did it feel to self-finance every aspect of your business?

A. It was very difficult at first because we had no financial support in the beginning. So we had to establish trust and good relationships with our suppliers to allow credit terms or allow us to loan their product first and etc.

Q. What do you see your business in 3 years time?

A. In 3 years I expect to see my business to earn consistent income monthly and establish a Solid team in Sales department, Technical Department and also Finance.

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Your Story, With Us

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Your Story, With Us

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