This article is written by GoGet. We are here to empower businesses to grow without scaling their costs and to empower those who want to earn with a flexible and trusted solution.

Want to grow your business without spending more money?

Build your team with a community of skilled part timers! GoGet’s reliable and trusted GoGetters can help to manage your cash flow efficiently so that you don’t overspend with staffing. It is fast and simple to hire a part time GoGetter to help with deliveries or even helper type of tasks.

See how GoGet has helped other SMEs grow by hiring GoGetters as their on demand.

What is GoGet?

GoGet is an on demand platform that connects you to their community of people called ‘GoGetters’ to be your part time dispatcher, event crew, on ground promoter, admin runner and more. Their matching algorithm finds you to the best GoGetter lightning fast and the app helps you create, manage and pay for your requests easily.

What can you expect from this partnership?

Simple tips and tricks to save money while growing your business with part time help from a community of more than 10,000 trained, reliable and safe people.

Get access to exclusive features that help ease your load while helping your business stay efficient.

  • 10 types of part time services: ​From cheque deposit, data entry, flyering, moving to event staff and more!
  • Customisable Delivery Services:​ Choose next hour delivery, same or next day delivery, flat rates and outskirt locations.
  • Proof of Delivery: ​Go paperless with electronic delivery orders.
  • Live Tracking: ​Always know where your GoGetter is during a job.
  • Top Quality GoGetters:​ Get super experienced “Elite GoGetters”.
  • Insurance: ​Stay protected with up to ​RM400
  • Favourite GoGetter:​ Build your team with familiar GoGetters.
  • Job Template: ​Save regular jobs for fast and easy job creation.
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