How You Could Achieve Financial Freedom 

What is financial freedom to you?

Financial goals should be personal. Something you will go after at any cost.  And to achieve those goals you need to dream big. 

Financial freedom can be different for different people.

  • It can be going after a career that you dream of, without thinking about salary and other monetary benefits.
  • It can be going for a foreign tour every year without worrying about your financial condition.
  • It can be buying your favourite car.
  • It can be the freedom to help others with outrageous generosity.
  • It can be the freedom to retire at the age of 35. 

And the list goes on and on.

When you become financially free, you get numerous options.

You need not worry about whether your bank account will be able to bear your health expenses or can back you for your retirement plans.

Let’s look into some of the plans which can help you get financial freedom:

Learn to manage your money

Learning to manage your accounts is one of the most vital parameters when it comes to financial freedom.

Most of the rich people lost all their wealth in the long run due to the mismanagement of their money. 

Try to give every dollar a name before every month, and make it a point to track your spending. If you see that you are overspending in one certain area, you get the option to adjust it with other categories.

Clean up your expenses

Once you have started managing your account, you need to start with cleaning up of your expenses. 

That means if you have pending debts on your credit cards, with car loans or students loans, then it’s time to start clearing them as fast as possible in larger chunks. 

If you want to reach this goal, you should have your whole income at your disposal.

Once you’ve paid off all your debts, you can then start building your foundation.

Be smart with your career selection:

The main tool in building your business is your income. So when it comes to choosing your career, there are many things you need to take into account. 

There is no reason to continue with a job you are not happy with. To progress in your career, you should do what you love in tandem with loving what you do.

Getting into a job you love will help you reach your financial goal faster while allowing you to enjoy your journey.

Few questions you need to be clear with before deciding on your career are:

  • What is the scope of growth in this industry and the organizations?
  • Will you enjoy the work you have to do?
  • Are the benefits of the company sufficient to reach your goals?

Know your investment options

When planning for your financial freedom and independence, you should be clear with your investment options.

If you are learned in the world of finance and investments, lean into what you know. The alternative is to approach a financial advisor who can help you garner some long term investments suitable for you.

The sooner you start investing, the more time you have, to let your money grow.

Some of these long term plans include but are not limited to:

  • Retirement plans
  • College savings
  • Real estate investments
  • Taxable investments
  • Insurance investments

Research more financial avenues that you could approach to expand your wealth, or meet with a wealth management officer. This way, you are not only being smart with your money, but your money is working smartly for your future. The ultimate goal of being financially free and independent is to ensure you have a stable, comfortable and prosperous future ahead.

Financial freedom is more than just able to meet up with your needs like buying a new car or a new home. The real happiness will come when you realize, that you are able to meet both your own personal expectations and that of the people around you.


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