Asil Natural Beauty

Asil Natural Beauty - Your Story, With Us
Lisa, a woman who used to work in the corporate industry gave up her corporate job to take care of her kids. She never imagined that she could start a business from scratch, all by herself. As the business grew throughout its years of operation, the workload grew as well. But, Lisa never gave up on her dream and hand-making all the products that she sells. Her strong will and dedication drive the business to grow bigger and stronger. Congrats, Lisa!
Asil Natural Beauty - Your Story, With Us

Q. How did you start this business, what’s the story?

A. I started my business 4 years ago. Gave up corporate world to look after my kids and little did I know that God has planned this business journey for me. I never thought it was possible as growing up my 3rd ambition was to be a businesswoman and here I am today with my own brand name. It’s been an amazing journey thus far and I have come along way. Truly grateful and blessed as I have a lot of return customer and customer reference.

Q. What is the biggest challenge in your business?

A. The biggest challenge is when I have massive orders and I have to manage the postal service as it takes up so much of my time.

Asil Natural Beauty - Your Story, With Us

Q. How does your day to day job look like?

A. Pretty much organized as I am not only an entrepreneur but a mom, daughter, and a wife too so it’s pretty much hectic but definitely manageable.

Q. How can financing help you in your business?

A. To grow bigger and better.

Asil Natural Beauty - Your Story, With Us

Q. During early stage, how did it feel to self-finance every aspect of your business?

A. Early-stage was funded by my spouse as he had given me the ideas on how and where should I spent the money on.

Q. What do you see your business in 3 years time?

A. To definitely cover more abroad countries and put my brand to be well known.

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