Jia Chuan Trading

Jia Chuan Trading - Your Story, With Us
Jiachuan (“家传”, in Mandarin) is the second F&B business owned by Philip. Philip closed down the first business within 2 years time. But this failure did not stop Philip from starting another similar business. Philip’s dedication on fine-tuning the recipes have made the second business happened and perform better than the first business. Now, they are planning to expand the business by franchise as well! Well done, Philip!
Jia Chuan Trading - Your Story, With Us

Q. How did you start this business, what’s the story?

A. Since 2008, has started own make noodles which call Sarawak Mee at Mentakab which is a small town in Pahang. After 2 years the business ended due to small turnover. I found that the taste of Sarawak Mee is not highly acceptable by local people. After 8 years think to change the noodles recipe which is currently used, now we manage to gain more and more customers which also give me confidence to expand my business to other region. I use the name of   “家传” which means family heritage. This name has been registered in Myipo as exclusive brand owner.

Q. What is the biggest challenge in your business?

A. We are struggling about how to expand our business to nationwide and overseas by franchise business concept. We got no idea how to make this happen.

Jia Chuan Trading - Your Story, With Us

Q. How does your day to day job look like?

 A. I will buy the materials for my business every day. Then, I will go to every food stalls that I have to monitor the operations and productions as well.

Q. How can financing help you in your business?

A. First, I am able to improve production efficiency. Then, we can improve the quality of the food, packaging, branding and our awareness.

Jia Chuan Trading - Your Story, With Us

Q. During early stage, how did it feel to self-finance every aspect of your business?

A. Is very hard to expand with limited funds during early stage but I manage to improve my decision making when I face every challenge.

Q. What do you see your business in 3 years time?

A. We want to be the most famous noodle in town and want to expand our business nationwide.

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Your Story, With Us

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