Ainul runs her own business namely Little Kid’s Nest and she is also a mother of a lovely kid. Ainul found out that Malaysian parents will always overlook the safety and comfort of kids. This inspired Ainul to start her business and educate the parents about the importance of a quality baby car seat. Also, Ainul mentioned the biggest challenge of her business is education towards parents. So proud of you, Ainul!

Little Kids Nest - Your Story, With Us

How did you start this business, what’s the story?

A. I was living outside of the country for almost 2 years and I found out that most of the parents put their kids safety and comfort as priority. When I came back last year I realised that our community in Malaysia, they still not aware about this kind of thing, so I decide to open this business and try to share the knowledge of this matter.

What is the biggest challenge in your business?

A. The biggest challenge is when we are facing the parents that put aside of comfort and child’s safety. Because they were thinking that the product is used only for a couple of years and it will left unused. It is sad, but true. Our community still far behind on this matter.
Little Kids Nest - Your Story, With Us

How does your day to day job look like?

A. Most of the time we are doing demonstrations, and explanations on installation instruction and car seat fittings.

How can financing help you in your business?

A. We can bring in more range of products in our shop to fulfill customer’s demand.
Little Kids Nest - Your Story, With Us

During early stage, how did it feel to self-finance every aspect of your business?

A. At the early stage, we are trying to start with a small amount of capital that we can afford to buy and bring in a brand. But as the demands become higher, it is really tough to fulfill the demand as the ROI is not yet achievable.

What do you see your business in 3 years time?

A. In 3 years time, we are having a few branches in more strategic areas.

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Your Story, With Us

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